Character Profile – Zero K

I’ve put together a couple of short character bios for the characters from my novel, Pink Punch. Here’s the first – Zero K.

A teenage boy stood on the top of the overturned rubbish skip. He wore tattered jeans and a sleeveless, hooded top. The hood was up, obscuring his face. His bare arms were bound in a whirling band of bright blue tattoos that glowed faintly in the dark.
“Who are you?”
The boy looked to the sky and groaned. “Typical. If I could do something interesting, I might actually get on the news. The name’s Zero K. Zero, if you prefer.”


Zero K, or Zero, is keen to show to the other supers (especially Pink Punch) he can be useful. But as he is only just learning how to use his superpowers, he often ends up simply getting in the way.


  • Creates ice and snow from the tattoos on his arms
  • Doesn’t feel the heat – he pretty much is his own personal airconditioning


  • Will tire if he creates too much snow and ice

Pink Punch is available for purchase on Amazon.

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