Character Profile – Stan

Next up for character profiles – “Stan”, Pink’s superpowered Mustang.

“Stan, are you picking up any activity in the area?”
“One heat signature, down the alleyway.” The tinny voice came from the console and held a slight twang. It seemed Pink had chosen the American, male voice for her vehicle’s systems. It sounded bored. “No reports of villain activity on police scanners, and I am detecting nothing to indicate otherwise.”
“Stan?” Kris mouthed. But Pink ignored her, so Kris poked the console again, eliciting a high-pitched chirp.
“All right, cut it out!” said the automated voice. “You keep fondling my dash, you have your feet up all over my leather. Could you just keep still?”
Kris slowly pulled her legs out from under her and settled them on the floor. “Your car talks, and it’s called Stan?”
“Of course, I’m not an object.”


Stan is Pink’s superpowered Mustang, and transport. He also has a slight programming glitch that makes him sassy, easily irritated, and a little more enigmatic than his creator intended. When Kris takes over Pink’s suit, Stan becomes her mentor and teaches her how to use the suit, and keeps her safe.


  • 760hp
  • Ability to camoflauge – the same type of nanites used by Pink’s suit transform Stan’s bodywork
  • Has some control over Pink’s suit – allows him to assist with deploying weapons and repairs


  • Overly cautious
  • Short tempered
  • Scared of heights

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