Character Profile – Kris Mahrone

Next up for my character bios is my protagonist, Kris Mahrone.

Kris swallowed. When she spoke, her voice sounded thin, even through the voice modulator. “Yeah. I could’ve been hurt. And now I don’t know if I can handle that.”
“You could take the suit off, if you wanted. You’ve still got that option.”


Kris’ parents have recently seperated, and she’s struggling to understand why – until she finds out her mother has been moonlighting as Northberg’s newest hero, Pink Punch. When he mother is caught in an explosion, putting her in a coma, Kris puts on Pink’s power armour to continue her mother’s investigations. It seemed like it was something important, something that could have affected her father and the police force, and with her mother hurt now too, she’s determined to do something about it.


  • Determined
  • Protective of family and friends
  • Some martial arts training


  • Little too quick to jump into situations and sometimes finds herself in over her head
  • Self-doubt
  • Kind of in a slump with her parents separation and her best friend being sent off to ‘the clinic’ after developing superpowers

Pink Punch is available for purchase on Amazon.

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