Character Profile- Thunderclap

I’ve been writing some character bios for my Pink Punch characters. Here is the next one – Thunderclap.

“My name’s Thunderclap, Pink, remember that.” The man raised a black leather clad fist and pounded it into his open palm. Each wrist was bound in a metal manacle, and as his fist hit his palm a crackle of electricity crawled out of the metal. “You wouldn’t want me going around using your real name, now, would you?”


Thunderclap craves power, and will do anything to get it, even if that means allowing TechCorp to upgrade his body to make him stronger. He works for TechCorp – his job to relieve Pink Punch of her power armour and return it to its rightful owners.


  • Can generate electricity from the metal manacles on his wrists
  • Strength
  • Strong against electrical attacks


  • None he’d care to admit

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