I’ve started writing Pink Punch 2

Hi everyone!

I’m in the process of drafting Pink Punch 2, which is the working title, of course. I’ve got a few ideas for the title, but these usually work themselves out as I write. And sometimes not even until I’m finished. I am hoping to knock a draft out within the next 2 months… and then see how I go from there. I realise I have never completed a sequel/series, just standalone novels.

The first scene and current word count

There’s going to be more mutants, more cops clashing with the superheroes, and also going a bit more in depth with backstory and character development for the existing characters. Stay tuned!

I have also started jotting down ideas for the next novel – which will be fantasy. It gets a fancy notebook, so I can jot down ideas without them impeding the novel I am writing. If I did it in scrinever too close to the novel I’m writing I would definitely get distracted. 😉

Prettiest notebook ever

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