Pink Punch – Character Bio

Release date for Pink Punch is looming close. I’ve been working on a couple of character bios. So, here’s a little information on Pink Punch and her superpowers!

Pink Punch

Pink Punch usually works alone but, having an apparent change of heart, has recently decided to help out Northberg’s other supers. She is convinced TechCorp is working on a sinister plot to control the city’s police force by gifting them similar tech to her suit.


Wears full body metallic armour – bright pink in colour.

Allies and Enemies

  • Rick and Nimbus.
  • Zero K.
  • Stan, her superpowered pink Mustang.
  • TechCorp, and its leader –  known as ‘The Boss’.
  • Thunderclap.
  • John Mahrone, the lead detective on the police force’s Vigilante Crimes Unit (VCU).


Nanite Generation

Pink’s armour is generated from a device she wears on her wrist. The device produces tiny nanites, which work together to build her armour and weapons.

Regenerative Armour

Pink’s nanites will automatically repair damage inflicted on her armour.

Building Weapons

Pink can build physical weapons and objects in the palm of her hand, using the same nanites that make up her armour. Her weapon of choice is a bulky gauntlet, which makes her punch truly devastating.

Strength and Speed Multiplication

The suit detects the wearer’s intended action, and enhances it. It gives punches and attacks more force, accelerates movements, and allows free and athletic movement in what would otherwise be stifling heavy armour.


Recharge Time

Pink’s suit can only build a limited number of weapons (and repair a limited amount of damage to her suit) in a set period of time. Once the nanite store is depleted, new weapons and armour cannot be built until it has had time to ‘catch up’ and can create enough nanites to make repairs.

Weapon Limitations

The weapons generated by Pink must remain in contact with her suit to maintain form. Once they lose contact, they quickly turn to powder. This means that she can’t create projectile weapons (useful ones anyway…), but is more suited to swords shields, and her trademark gauntlet.

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