I got my book into a bookstore!

So, I’ve got 100 hard copies of my novel that I needed to figure out how to sell. Today, I decided to go around and harass some of the independent bookstores in Townsville and see if they would stock it for me.

There’s a comic book store at Warrina complex that sells comic books and sci fi/fantasy books. It’s Nova Comics, and now they are also stocking my novel. 😀

That’s an actual bookstore shelf!

I was also able to get one other bookstore to take a copy of my book, to see if it would be suitable for them to sell, and they’ve said they’ll be getting back to me. So, I’m pretty happy with what I accomplished today. With any luck I can get the book into a few more stores. 😀

One response to “I got my book into a bookstore!”

  1. Aaww all the best dear and I hope the book is a success.


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