Are you interested in seeing free content from me online?

I wanted to run an idea I’ve been toying with past you all.

I’m working on a few different writing ideas, as well as developing the second novel in the Splintered Earth series. What I’m thinking of doing is posting up some of my writing in the earlier stages of drafting, as free content. This would help me by getting feedback on what I’ve written, and also encourage me to write a little quicker and keep my motivation up. I would then be able to post up ideas and shorter stories I’m toying with, as well as work that is more developed towards a proper novel sized piece of work.

Once I get feedback and continue to develop them like this (and decide that something in particular is going to become a novel) I would take the free content down and proceed through re-writing, editing, etc, like I normally do, and release on Amazon (or other avenues if I can get into them… 😉 ) But of course this would mean that the actual content would quite likely change drastically between the first time being posted, and finally being published.

There are a few platforms I can post on. The ones I’m looking at for the moment are:

Inkitt – I’ve already got a profile on here, and a few things posted. This site ends up looking really clean and pretty, but seems to have a fairly small community, so sometimes hard to get feedback. You also can’t post feedback unless you’re a member.

Wattpad – This is a lot bigger than Inkitt, and I think it’s easier to post comments and feedback. I haven’t posted anything on this one before, but it looks pretty good.

Fiction press – I think this has been around for ages.

On this blog – Of course, the other option is just to post any bits of writing straight to this blog. But that does limit feedback to people who follow, or stumble upon it. Obviously if I post on the other platforms, I would make sure to include a link to it from the blog.

But what I want to know for the moment is: is anyone interested in seeing my writing before it reaches final stages and is published? Leave me a comment, or click here to fill out the short poll and let me know. Thanks everyone. 🙂

3 responses to “Are you interested in seeing free content from me online?”

  1. I used to write on both Wattpad and FictionPress, so I can tell you my opinion.

    Wattpad – Honestly, this is a joke writing site. Yeah, you’ll get feedback, but most of the popular stories are badly written romance with every cliche element you’ve ever read.

    FictionPress – The readership here isn’t bad, but the layout of the site is old, and the readers are hard to get.

    Personally, I don’t think there is really a good website to post stories online. And if you are going to post your work online, you may want to read up on losing your first publishing rights.

    Good Luck!

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    1. Thanks Akaluv! That helps. I am wary of putting anything up that’s too close to completion, as yeah, I don’t want to run into any trouble when it comes to publishing. But I will check out that first publishing rights.


  2. Thank you for sharing and yes we are all eager for feedback but not sure where to find it.


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