Camp Nanowrimo – Week 4

Well… I’ve been really slack keeping my journal up to date. I’ve been writing most days, but haven’t made it anywhere near my target of 70,000 words. My current word count is 47,000 words.

I’ve decided that my optimal for writing in a month is 50,000 words, which I’ve done before. This pace works well as I’m not rushing to get out words, but am able to think a little bit as I type (and between doing actual writing) about what’s happening, and what’s going to happen next.

However, I do now I have 47,000 words that cover most of my plot. I know what’s happening and that I have enough content to write this novel. So, new goal, I will be aiming to finish off my rough/first draft by the 12th of August. At which point I will start rearranging and editing!

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