Camp Nanowrimo – Week 3

Week 1.
Week 2.

Week 3 of Nanowrimo! This one’s a little patchy. I’ve been getting in as much writing as I can, but have done an absolutely shocking job of this journal. So, here’s what I actually got…

Okay, I’ve seriously been neglecting the daily journal. But… squee! My story is powering along and my characters have started telling me what I’m doing wrong with them and how they should be written. As of this point, I am not 100% sure who my main villain is, but I’m sure they’ll make it known closer to the end (too many of my characters are doing dumb things… makes it hard). And my protagonist has finally started thinking for herself and making decisions and propelling the plot. Guess she got tired of people dragging her around.

It’s lunch time, and I’ve written 2000 words. I’m into the action bits and it’s powering along nicely. I really need to do some more after lunch but I’m taking a break as I need fuel. I’m starting to think 70,000 words in a month is too much for me, it ends up that I’m trying to spew out a ton of words rather than thinking about what happens next. 50,000 I can probably do, so will see what I end up with at the end of the month.

As of week end total word count: 42,307

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