Camp Nanowrimo – Week 2

Check out week 1.

Week 2 of my Camp Nanowrimo log…

I’ve fallen a bit behind, but my word target was pretty high… hoping I’ll be into the story enough next week to get out more words. But, I’m not having any major sticking points plot wise, and it is still flowing, just not quite at my intended daily word count.

Day 10

Wrote 1000 words and couldn’t figure out what I was writing next. So went and plotted out the next few scenes. Came back at about 830 and worked on it some more. Without putting myself on a timer (like I usually do). Got out my 2400 words and am getting into the writing. I think I write better at night. Going to try doing about half my writing at night and see if I feel more inspired…

Day 11

Wrote 1200 words after lunch. Brain is not working. Did some more after dinner. Ugh… 300 words. Dead.

Day 12

Wrote approx 500 words before work. But plotted very briefly the night before what next scenes would be so I’m not left staring blankly at the screen. Maybe this is the way to go. Wrote ~1000 words when I got home from work, even though I get home later than usual. And more after dinner. Got 2500 words. Whoo! Going to plot what I want for next scenes now to see if this works again for tomorrow…

Day 13

1700 words…

Day 14

Whoops. got stuck! Thought I missed something out that needed to happen before where I’m up to now. Had to go back and plot/brainstorm on my giant blackboard wall. I think I have it figured out now. But… that’s what I’ve been doing this evening. So I only have like 200 words for today. Going to try write a bit more before bed… and 1900 words total.

Day 15

Yeah… I was slack and didn’t write today. Probably just needed a break.

Day 16

Wrote 1500 words this morning. And got distracted. It’s now nearly 9PM. Going to try and write a bit more before bed.

Current total word count: 28,800. 

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