Camp Nanowrimo – Week One

I decided I’d start a blog/log for writing my draft of the sequel to Control. I’m doing ‘Camp Nanowrimo’, and I’ve set my target for 70,000 words in the month of July. Which is huge! The best I’ve done in a month is just over 50,000. So, I thought I’d record my progress and how I’m feeling each day, and record it in my blog.

I’ll put it up into the blog weekly (probably on Saturday), because on top of writing 70,000 words, its going to be a bit much to update it each day. Also, I’m sure everyone doesn’t want to see me stressing about writing, each and every day. I’ll try not to edit the original entries when I type them up though, cause I want to keep it accurate.

So, I have no idea how this will turn out. I hope it will be encouraging, should I manage to hit the 70,000 words. I’ll also try and do up a summary at the end of this of everything I’ve learned trying to smash out a huge draft in a month, and whether it actually works. This will either turn out encouraging, amusing, or highly depressing, so here goes…

Here’s my log for week 1. Well, most of it. I only decided to start this on the 4th.

Day 4 (or you could call it Day 3, because I didn’t do anything on the 1st of July!!!)

Still having trouble getting writing zone/flow. Maybe this is because I’m at the start of the story (I need to get into the action!) Or I needed to plot better… I’ve got 1524 words so far. It’s 10AM. I’m going to go plot/think over Rebecca’s character arc now. I think she’s about as confused as me right now. But I need to know where she’s going or it might be nowhere. D:

Went at it again after plotting. Hit 2500 words! Woot. Now I’m off to have some coffee.

Day 5

Wrote 2300 words in an hour. After work. I now feel like death. o-O I feel like the story kinda going slwo, but maybe I just need to get into the action bits.

Day 6

Wrote ~1700 words. Felt absolutely dead from work. But sat down and wrote anyway and got some done, even though I didn’t feel like it. The importance of sitting down and starting… is important. Yeah, I’m tired.

Day 7

2300 words. Whoo! Didn’t think I would make it but then I got into character development.

Day 8

I logged nothing down for this day… but I think I wrote about 1500 words and then crashed…

Day 9 (today)

So I wrote 2400 words this morning. Which is my quota for the day. But I’m still behind, so I need to write some more later. Yay for weekends. I’ve just started getting into some great character development/tension between Nick and Rebecca… which I won’t go into detail on as I don’t want to spoil anything… but I will just say its driving me to write more so I can find out what they are both thinking/feeling. I also know what I want to do a few scenes ahead, so I’m excited about sitting down and writing those… once my brain recovers from the 2400 word stint this morning. I need food.

Ps: Is me telling you about my writing my first draft in a month helpful? Let me know in the comments below, or if there’s anything else you’d like to hear about from me!

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